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This website reflects my passions and interests in gardening and nature. Nurturing plants feeds my soul and the sprit-lifting effect of feeling the soil between my fingers and experiencing all the taste and smells that any garden has to offer always puts me in a good mood for the whole day.

 I enjoy my home comforts and will encourage anyone and everyone to blur the boundary between indoors and out with houseplants and herbs, which can be grown on the windowsill and learn to savour the special taste and new flavours of homegrown food.

 There is something reassuring too in being able to craft nature inspired things from your own garden and to be able to fill a few vases with freshly cut blooms at any time of year. My aim is to share with you some of my best ideas and inspiration as well as those I glean from friends and family or learn about on my travels.

 So why not join me and use this opportunity to share your recipes, tips and ideas here!

Grow sweet peas for cutting

Turn peelings into garden compost

Grow flowers and veg from seed

Plants for natural dyes

Plan 4 Tatties – GYO potatoes

Unleash the power of herbs

…and the pods went pop!

GYO Chinese take away

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    Award winning editor, writer and horticulturist, trained at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

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