Shine on shade

A shady garden doesn’t have to be dull, you can still create a stunning design with spectacular lawns and cosy patio with romantic lighting and as long as you match plants to the growing conditions you can have year-round colour and interest…here’s how Dry shade Gloomy gardens and parched soil beneath trees often become dead Read More

Feed your soul

Spirits can flag as quickly as gardens can fade, so follow Glen Headland’s advice and put the heart back into both with a garden full of soul where you can slow down, feel, think and just be… Today’s frenetic lifestyles can sap our energies and leave us feeling disorientated and out of sorts but gardening Read More

Pamper with pumpkin

Pumpkin is a powerhouse when it comes to skin care as it gives dull skin an instant glow, visibly improving texture and tones with substances that soothe, hydrate and renew skin and help tame the signs of aging. Angela Lopez of Belle-Toi in Bournemouth has been using pumpkin juice for reducing puffy skin and swelling, Read More

Diddy daffs

You don’t need much space or skill to grow diddy or mini daffs (narcissus), simply plant the bulbs in pots or borders through September and October and wait! These dainty plants, are completely winter-proof and without too much effort will poke their noses through frosted ground in early spring For a dazzling display, plant masses Read More

Drink your garden

If you grow your own fruit and vegetables you will no doubt have made jams and chutneys galore and probably given much of it away. So what are you going to do with the glut this year? The best advice is to make soft drinks, tisanes, wine and all manner of tipples and join the Read More

Floral firework

Spring-bloomers aren’t the only bulbs to plant in autumn. You can enjoy instant colour and extend the season with Jersey lilies or nerines, which are available from garden centres until the end of October. These floral fireworks are a welcome flash of colour as the temperature drops and the days get shorter. For maximum impact Read More

Take a break…

For a weekend of healthy, outdoor activities Jersey is the place to go. With lungs filled with the clean fresh air and spirits lifted, visitors are guaranteed to go home with a renewed mojo and feeling inspired, relaxed and refreshed. Jersey lies 100 miles south of the UK and is only 14 miles west of Read More

Jungle interior

One of the most difficult parts of winter is the lack of colour in the garden as well as low temperatures outside that make you feel more inclined to stay indoors. Give it some thought though and you’ll find that houseplants can save the day. There’s no such thing as too many plants and it’s Read More

New season, new look

Now that there’s a definite chill to the air and a softer, golden quality to the morning light, you’ll find that there’s plenty of bright pink and purple blooms and berries to enjoy before you settle into the mellow yellow shades of autumn. Whilst ornamental grasses are great season stretchers and many, such as Miscanthus, produce Read More

Houseplants with pizazz

Turning your home into an indoor garden means that you can enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by plants whatever the weather and at any time of year. So, if you have a quiet sitting room that during the day is bathed in natural light, fill it with lush leaves and you’ll instantly create a Read More