Houseplants with pizazz

Turning your home into an indoor garden means that you can enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by plants whatever the weather and at any time of year. So, if you have a quiet sitting room that during the day is bathed in natural light, fill it with lush leaves and you’ll instantly create a Read More

The greenhouse effect

A fully productive greenhouse is similar to having a family pet – it will need a bit of your attention every day! Despite the hard work, once you’ve reaped the rewards of tasting your own chili peppers, peaches or tomatoes and raised your own garden plants for a fraction of the price charged at the Read More

Take the high road

Scotland is one of my favourite places in the world. It has a bounty of beautiful gardens and many that are of great historical, conservation and botanical importance. Whilst you can visit any time of year, Springtime is an exciting time to visit Scotland so if you have time this year, venture far and wide, Read More

Everlasting love – Valentine

Grow everlasting love this Valentine by giving your loved one seeds or plants of cut and come again blooms for the garden. Buy your loved on a new border this Valentines Day. Heart-shaped borders will be a constat reminder of your undying love. Alternatively you could share the joy of growing by giving a collection Read More

Garden style for 2019

Spring is an exciting time of year, when we have another chance to create, improve or repair our gardens for the coming seasons. If the hot dry weather last summer left your borders running out of steam, you’ll no doubt need to give them a boost now and put some heart back into the soil.  Read More

Plants that bite back

Have you found that some garden plants are irritating? Take plants in the carrot family for example, like parsnips and Queen Anne’s Lace or Daucus carota, which is also known as Wild Carrot, it smells like carrot and is hairy and when its sap comes into contact with skin in sunlight it causes a blistering Read More

O Christmas tree

Create a traditional atmosphere and set your nose a tingle with a real pine-fresh Christmas tree.  Freshly cut trees won’t litter your carpet with prickly needles if you care for them properly, so if you’ve had a bad experience in the past and since opted for artificial, put it behind you and get real – Read More

Weather warning – snow

Snow might be fun but heavy snow can caused serious damage in the garden, breaking branches off trees, crushing valuable shrubs and knocking hedges out of shape. To prevent these kinds of problems, you should carefully knock off as much of the snow as possible without endangering yourself. Use a stick to gently shake branches of Read More

Grow a better sex life!

Winter is a great time for sitting indoors with a hot drink and planning what you are going to grow on your allotment next year. But don’t just go for the same old dreary seed list, consider growing plants that not only taste great, but also have the ability to boost your libido? Passion boosters Read More

Christmas blooms

There’s a tradition in the UK of recording plants that are in flower in the garden on Christmas day. Adventurous gardener Graham Strong has found that the following plants are the most reliable and can be used to glam up your garden over the holidays and also be given as gifts to green-fingered friends. Clematis Read More