Eat your greens!

Often referred to s rabbit food, eating greens is one of the best things we can do for our wellbeing. When you are adding fresh, raw salads to your diet, you’re boosting the enzymes your body needs. Conventional wisdom tells us you are what you eat; everything in the body is connected so if your gut Read More

create a cutting patch

Anyone can grow stylish arrangements and elaborate party flowers, all you need are the right plants that you can cut-and-come-again. Ideally create your cutting garden in a sunny spot in full view of the kitchen or sitting room window, as it will provide one of the most colourful displays in the garden for at least Read More

Bye bye black birds!

Scarecrows are not just for scaring away pesky birds so that they don’t eat your vegetables or seeds that you’ve just sown. They can be dressed up in your old clothes, to give them a personality and used to brighten up any part of your garden at any time of year. Just for fun, use Read More

DIY compost – it’s as simple as ABC are working with councils across the UK to deliver great value compost bins, water butts and more to help you, so make your mantra this year “recycle and reuse”. Garantia Thermo-King compost bins are easy to fill and make speedy compost – cost for 600L size is around £65 Turning garden waste into Read More

Timely jobs for the month | February

One of the highlights of winter is waking up to the garden covered with a soft layer of snow or rind of frost. The most magical effects though, are created in borders where there are the lacy remnants of seed heads, the spikes and swirls of grassy leaves and shrubs with strong architectural shapes. Even Read More

Clue up on clematis

If your garden gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, you can grow the Queen of the Climbers – Clematis and if you’re clever and plant several types you will enjoy their exquisite blooms almost all year round. You don’t need much imagination to get the best out of clematis as the varieties Read More

Plant these bulbs double quick!

Certain speciality bulbs must be planted immediately after purchase and not only should these bulbs be planted immediately but they should also be purchased early too, otherwise, they will dry out and deteriorate. This applies to all varieties of Erythronium or dog’s-tooth violet, Corydalis, Fritillaria and the rhizome-forming Anemones such as Anemone nemorosa and Anemone Read More

Dabbling with dye – why?

Bud heathers are treated with colorants to provide “exciting new colours” such as blue, burn orange, yellow and rust-red that are designed to give real impact to patio containers and hanging baskets during the winter months. These bud bloomers or Calluna vulgaris, which is also known as Ling or Scotch heather, are especially useful as Read More

Tulip bulbs for feasts of famine?

It was a revelation to me to discover that tulip bulbs are edible, as I’ve always thought they are poisonous! Ben Ungermann, runner up in the 2017 Masterchef Australia competition showed off his Dutch heritage in the finals cooking up a feast, which included tulip bulbs as a side dish to his cinder fillet of Read More

Pear-fect for sweet and savoury dishes

If you have the space grow a cooking variety of pear as well as dessert one, so you can turn the juicy fruits into savoury and sweet dishes. The best known of all pears, Conference, is excellent used in either way and is especially tasty when mixed with fresh blackberries in a pie or better Read More