Pamper with pumpkin

Pumpkin is a powerhouse when it comes to skin care as it gives dull skin an instant glow, visibly improving texture and tones with substances that soothe, hydrate and renew skin and help tame the signs of aging. Angela Lopez of Belle-Toi in Bournemouth has been using pumpkin juice for reducing puffy skin and swelling, Read More

How to colour hair – using plants!

About 65% of women alter their natural hair colour, which is about a 7% increase from the 1950s. Unfortunately the process calls for using chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic. Over bleaching your hair can lead to brittle strands, split ends, and hair breakage, stripping hair of its natural oils and pigment. If you don’t Read More

Take some ‘me’ time

After the hot dry summer we’ve experienced, it’s safe to say that our hair and skin is in need of some moisture and nourishment. Beauty expert, Angela Lopez of Belle-Toi in Bournemouth, recommends treating your hair and skin now before the cold and winter rains take their toll, and if you keep to a beauty Read More

Rosemary – helps memory loss

Rosemary tea makes an excellent breath freshener and is a good antiseptic gargle too. Beauty expert, Angela Lopez of Belle-Toi in Bournemouth, recommends having plenty of these attractive evergreens growing in your garden but remember there’s a wise old saying that Rosemary will not grow well unless the mistress is ‘master’! Place pots of rosemary on Read More

Herbs are magic

Say what you like about folk medicine, it certainly has an irresistible fascination for me, especially when I learn that there are people that believe nettles will cure boils, cleavers a carbuncle, and Hawthorn is a remedy used for hemorrhoids. Chickweed is useful for boosting sperm count (apparently you just add a spoonful of the dried Read More

Treat your feet

Caring for our feet is an important part of our overall health. So, if you’ve been wearing sandals and open backed shoes or even no shoes all throughout the summer, you may have already developed hard skin and worse cracked heels, which according to beauty expert Angela Lopez of Belle-Toi in Bournemouth, is a problem Read More

Hip hip hooray for roses!

Are you after soft, supple skin? Then use rose hips as part of your beauty regime, says beauty expert, Angela Lopez of Belle-Toi in Bournemouth. Rose hips are the seedpods of roses and the orange-red bulbs of Rosa rugosa, which look somewhat squashed and tomato-like, are only edible but are a great source of vitamin Read More

Cucumbers for better health and beauty

Even in hot weather, the inside of cucumbers remains cool, so it’s no wonder that this salad ingredient has also been put to good use in beauty products. Beauty expert, Angela Lopez of Belle-Toi in Bournemouth, says cucumbers are rich in fibre and are packed full of antioxidants are loaded with anti-inflammatories and full of vitamins like Vitamin K, C and manganese Read More

Loosen up with lavender

I’m sure that when the Romans packed their favourite deodorant, sprigs of lavender, in their toilet bags before they crossed the stormy seas to invade Britain they wouldn’t have thought that almost 16 centuries later lavender be one of our favourite garden plants. Lavender’s unforgettable perfume pops up in all kinds of places from furniture Read More

Herbs for beauty potions

It’s a well know fact that gardening can help relieve the stresses and strains of daily life. The garden is also for many a sanctuary for relaxation and quiet moments. But have you ever thought of your borders as containing all the ingredients for your good looks and well-being? Beauty expert, Angela Lopez of Belle-Toi Read More