If the start of the football season inspires your family to have a kick about to get ready for 2020 Fifa World Cup, don’t let your lawn be beaten into submission by your own enthusiastic footballers. Boost the grass with a summer feed and don’t cut it shorter than 3cm so that the growing tip, Read More

It’s bbq time!

The beginning of June is usually National Barbecue Week, when all will be encouraged to fire up the grill and fill the air with smoky delicious smells and the sounds of summer. Gone are the days when a few burnt bangers would do, today we want nothing but tasty food grilled to perfection. Jamie Oliver Read More

Grow little green fingers

Coming up at the end of May 2020 is National Children’s Gardening Week – an annual festival now organised by the HTA (Horticultural Trades Association), and is supported by National Garden Gift Voucher and Gift Card Schemes. The event is embraced in homes, schools, and community groups across the country, and supports the amazing Greenfingers charity, Read More

Bye bye black birds!

Scarecrows are not just for scaring away pesky birds so that they don’t eat your vegetables or seeds that you’ve just sown. They can be dressed up in your old clothes, to give them a personality and used to brighten up any part of your garden at any time of year. Just for fun, use Read More

Jacob visits the garden centre

Buying plants can be overwhelming, so it’s important that my grandson Jacob gains a little knowledge and understanding, to be able to create his own garden! Shopping, for plants, at Haskins Garden Centre in Ferndown near Poole with his mum and I, was an enjoyable and uplifting experience and there was lots to inspire us from Read More

Hot trend! – Pimp your patio purple

Through the ages, purple has always been associated with royalty, nobility and prestige and even mystery and magic but these days, it is often seen as the favourite colour of teenage girls and also ‘arty’ and eccentric people, so why this is probably why we embraced it with vigour as the ‘Colour of the Year’ Read More

Grow with Jacob…getting started

My 4-year old grandson, Jacob not only likes dinosaurs, animals and going on adventures in the wilderness, he is proving to be a budding gardener. He is always eager to get his little green fingers dirty in the soil and especially likes helping his mummy Jesse to grow flowers and food that they can eat Read More

Make your garden wheely fun!

The most practical garden design for a young family is one with an uncluttered, large expanse of grass at its hub. This will prevent toddlers getting hurt when they fall over and will provide space for energetic kids to run around, play football and enjoy the fun of wrestling without doing too much damage. Choose a Read More

Jacob’s wilderness survival guide

Jacob says that his mummy and daddy know how to build a den and make a camp fire. This is what he’s learnt. When we build a den we have tofind a spot with dry ground in a clearig between live trees and other plants. Then we have to hunt for fallen branches and sticks Read More

Come home to a real fire this winter

If you’s a serious fire lover, like my brother-in-law Chris, you’ll know how to pick a log or two. He will tell you that there are few things in life more comforting on a chilly night than a roaring fire, toasty warm socks and a mug of hot chocolate and now that he’s got plenty Read More