Floral firework

Spring-bloomers aren’t the only bulbs to plant in autumn. You can enjoy instant colour and extend the season with Jersey lilies or nerines, which are available from garden centres until the end of October. These floral fireworks are a welcome flash of colour as the temperature drops and the days get shorter. For maximum impact Read More

The greenhouse effect

A fully productive greenhouse is similar to having a family pet – it will need a bit of your attention every day! Despite the hard work, once you’ve reaped the rewards of tasting your own chili peppers, peaches or tomatoes and raised your own garden plants for a fraction of the price charged at the Read More

Christmas blooms

There’s a tradition in the UK of recording plants that are in flower in the garden on Christmas day. Adventurous gardener Graham Strong has found that the following plants are the most reliable and can be used to glam up your garden over the holidays and also be given as gifts to green-fingered friends. Clematis Read More

Gap-fillers for late borders

Now, is a precious time in the garden when you can reflect and write notes on all your trials and tribulations and enjoy remembering all of the seasonal surprises that just happened without any clever forward planning. It’s always a good idea to take photographs of your best plant associations, so that you can repeat Read More

Hydrangeas – masters of chemistry

Lacecaps and mopheads, cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla, also known as Big Leaf Hydrangeas, are popular shrubs that have been around for decades and over the years become stalwarts of British summer gardens. Even bright summer bedding plants can’t compete with the eye-catching neon blue or pink flowers of the Mopheads pom-pom like flower heads. These giant Read More

Loosen up with lavender

I’m sure that when the Romans packed their favourite deodorant, sprigs of lavender, in their toilet bags before they crossed the stormy seas to invade Britain they wouldn’t have thought that almost 16 centuries later lavender be one of our favourite garden plants. Lavender’s unforgettable perfume pops up in all kinds of places from furniture Read More

Tickled pink

Pinks or dianthus are not only one of Britain’s favourite plants but highly collectable, producing some of the best, long lasting blooms in the garden, which are also prized for their delicious spicy clove-like fragrance. Resembling a mini florist carnation, easy-care dianthus, which we call ‘pinks’ because the serrated edges to the petals look as Read More

Fill borders with ‘happy’ flowers

Celebrate the summer equinox by filling gaps in your flowerbeds with happy, tutti-frutti colours that will make your boring planting schemes pop! These colours are also an excellent idea for patio displays where people tend to gather for parties and also for areas you would like to highlight such as your front entrance, or seating area. Read More

create a cutting patch

Anyone can grow stylish arrangements and elaborate party flowers, all you need are the right plants that you can cut-and-come-again. Ideally create your cutting garden in a sunny spot in full view of the kitchen or sitting room window, as it will provide one of the most colourful displays in the garden for at least Read More

New plants at Chelsea – 2018

Dozens of new plants have been launched at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. One of the most talked about plants is the Hydrangea Runaway Bride ‘Snow White’, which has been crowned the Chelsea Flower Show’s Plant of the Year for 2018. Available from T&M £14.99. Snow Bride is an interspecific hybrid (it comes from an Asian Read More