Drink your garden

If you grow your own fruit and vegetables you will no doubt have made jams and chutneys galore and probably given much of it away. So what are you going to do with the glut this year? The best advice is to make soft drinks, tisanes, wine and all manner of tipples and join the Read More

Preserving the pick of the crop

Now that pickles and preserves are no longer a necessity to get us through the winter when native fruits are scarce, they’ve become something of a delicacy. Homegrown and homemade enjoy a cachet that that can’t be matched by anything bought, however expensive. If you’re lucky enough to have an apple tree or perhaps some Read More

Rosemary – helps memory loss

Rosemary tea makes an excellent breath freshener and is a good antiseptic gargle too. Beauty expert, Angela Lopez of Belle-Toi in Bournemouth, recommends having plenty of these attractive evergreens growing in your garden but remember there’s a wise old saying that Rosemary will not grow well unless the mistress is ‘master’! Place pots of rosemary on Read More

GYO Summer puddings

You can buy garden-ready soft fruit bushes and strawberry plants that are bulging with ripening fruits from garden centres now. These are a bit more expensive than the bare rooted plants that nurserymen lift to order from their fields in autumn but it’s well worth taking this short cut to be able to PYO from Read More

It’s bbq time!

The beginning of June is usually National Barbecue Week, when all will be encouraged to fire up the grill and fill the air with smoky delicious smells and the sounds of summer. Gone are the days when a few burnt bangers would do, today we want nothing but tasty food grilled to perfection. Jamie Oliver Read More

Feel the heat – GYO chilli

Eating chilli peppers will help you to feel good. This is due to the body producing endorphins that deal with the sizzling pain, which often follows a meal that’s laced with these fiery capsicums! There’s more to these vegetables than just fire though, they come in a wide range of flavours to suit all tastes. Read More

Eat carrots and see better!

Carrots are not only a favourite veg, which rabbits also love, they make one of the tastiest teatime cakes. As kids we are told to eat carrots because they ‘help us see in the dark’, which is not entirely an old wives’ tale as they are packed with vitamin A that helps us see in dim Read More

GYO strawberries

Picking your own sweet and juicy strawberries straight from the plant, along with the satisfaction of having grown them yourself, is hard to beat.  Any garden, even a balcony, is large enough to grow strawberries, and unlike many fruits they will crop well in pots, growing bags and even hanging baskets, as well as a Read More

…and the pods went pop!

One of my first childhood memories is shelling peas. I can still remember to this day, the thrill of experiencing the sweet explosion and burts of fresh flavour that you get when you pop one in your mouth – even popping candy can’t beat it! Shelling peas was, according to my mum ‘a children’s chore’, Read More

Asparagus is brain food

This super delicious spring veggie has anti-aging properties that may help our brains fight old age! Plant some now and it will take three years from planting asparagus crowns for the first crop to be ready, so put the date in your dairy! Growing this gourmet vegetable is very easy and once established will remain Read More