Eat carrots and see better!

Carrots are not only a favourite veg, which rabbits also love, they make one of the tastiest teatime cakes. As kids we are told to eat carrots because they ‘help us see in the dark’, which is not entirely an old wives’ tale as they are packed with vitamin A that helps us see in dim Read More

GYO strawberries

Picking your own sweet and juicy strawberries straight from the plant, along with the satisfaction of having grown them yourself, is hard to beat.  Any garden, even a balcony, is large enough to grow strawberries, and unlike many fruits they will crop well in pots, growing bags and even hanging baskets, as well as a Read More

…and the pods went pop!

One of my first childhood memories is shelling peas. I can still remember to this day, the thrill of experiencing the sweet explosion and burts of fresh flavour that you get when you pop one in your mouth – even popping candy can’t beat it! Shelling peas was, according to my mum ‘a children’s chore’, Read More

Asparagus is brain food

This super delicious spring veggie has anti-aging properties that may help our brains fight old age! Plant some now and it will take three years from planting asparagus crowns for the first crop to be ready, so put the date in your dairy! Growing this gourmet vegetable is very easy and once established will remain Read More

Visit, GYO and taste the joy of Colombia

Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, used to be known for its drug trade and astronomical murder rate. No more. It has renounced its title as ‘Most Violent City in the World’ and is now one of the world’s holiday hot spots and in 2018 was listed in the top 10 of the best places to Read More

Enjoy a bean feast

Butter beans are Lima Beans, a legume from South America, which are a rich source of protein and fibre and are used in dishes that call for a starchy taste and buttery texture. I have in the past, grown the variety Fagiolo Di Spagna ( with some success and have enjoyed a good crop of large white Read More

Plan 4 Tatties – GYO potatoes

Nothing beats the taste of freshly dug potatoes and growing your own couldn’t be easier. Well, that is except for choosing which varieties to grow, as there are so many to choose for salads, roasting, boiling, baking and mash. Plan ahead and start planting after the danger of frost is past and you could enjoy Read More

All about rhubarb

Whilst rhubarb originates from Siberia, it thrives in Britain’s cool climate so has always been abundant in British gardens where it reliably crops within two months of the start of the growing season. Rhubarb puts freshness and flavour on your plate when little else is ready for harvesting in the garden The rhubarb season is Read More

Plan 4 Summer – GYO Pizza

Pizza is one of the world’s most popular foods and has a history that stretches back to ancient times. But modern pizza didn’t exist until 1889 – all thanks to a pizza pioneer known as Raffaele Esposito of Naples. Mister Esposito baked what he called ‘pizza’ especially for the visit of Italian King Umberto I and Read More

Make money from your plot

Put your garden to work this year and you could be making some extra cash by selling off your surplus plants and produce. Dig and divide For very little effort you can £££s from your plot by digging up expanding clumps snowdrops, lily of the valley, herbs and cottage garden plants. To divide congested plants, using Read More