Jacob plans a surprise

Now almost 5, Jacob is becoming more adventurous in his garden. He knows that we have to plant bulbs in the autumn, so when he visited the garden shop, he chose some ‘lovely’ flowers that he wants to plant in his garden to surprise his mummy when they bloom in spring. His favourite colour is Read More

Jacob helps wildlife and makes a whistle

Now that my grandson Jacob has started school, it’s a time to get his mind focused on learning, so his mummy will help him keep a diary about his garden, which will be good writing practice and great fun.  He’s already noticed that there’s still plenty of butterflies, which he has found feeding on his Read More

Jacob’s seed surprise!

Seeds germinating is always exciting! Marigolds usually take 5-10 days but due to cold weather, Jacob’s took a little longer! Now that the sun is shining Jacob and his mummy Jesse decided to add some instant colour by buying a few plants. French marigolds are excellent value and the dead flowers are removed will produce Read More

Jacob grows a flower garden

Jacob is already planning his summer garden and has chosen some annual plants that will grow into colourful flowerbeds in as little as 12 weeks. The seeds were cheap to buy too, costing more or less the price of a single shrub! Browsing the Kings.com seed packets Jacob found that annual flowers come in every colour Read More

Jacob visits the garden centre

Buying plants can be overwhelming, so it’s important that my grandson Jacob gains a little knowledge and understanding, to be able to create his own garden! Shopping, for plants, at Haskins Garden Centre in Ferndown near Poole with his mum and I, was an enjoyable and uplifting experience and there was lots to inspire us from Read More

Grow with Jacob…getting started

My 4-year old grandson, Jacob not only likes dinosaurs, animals and going on adventures in the wilderness, he is proving to be a budding gardener. He is always eager to get his little green fingers dirty in the soil and especially likes helping his mummy Jesse to grow flowers and food that they can eat Read More