Jungle interior

One of the most difficult parts of winter is the lack of colour in the garden as well as low temperatures outside that make you feel more inclined to stay indoors. Give it some thought though and you’ll find that houseplants can save the day. There’s no such thing as too many plants and it’s Read More

Houseplants with pizazz

Turning your home into an indoor garden means that you can enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by plants whatever the weather and at any time of year. So, if you have a quiet sitting room that during the day is bathed in natural light, fill it with lush leaves and you’ll instantly create a Read More

Houseplants – the bigger, the better

The tropical and botanical theme is a trend that continues to grow with new plant-themed wallpapers, fabrics and object d’art being used in interior designs. It makes sense therefore, to bring ‘real’ plants, which some designers are calling ‘sculptural botanicals’ and ‘works of art’, into your home, especially as they are more important than the Read More

Prime time for primulas

Spring is prime time for primulas so use them in abundance to instantly bring the garden to life. Primroses especially are ideal for brightening up dead zones such as shady spots and damp patches. The wild primros, Primula vulgaris produces delicately scented, pretty pale yellow flowers with a deep yellow eye and reliably appears from January Read More

Hot trend! – Potty roommates you’ll love

Whether you have a gloomy office, less than desirable student bedroom at Uni or a cosy living room, there are stylish and immortal pot plants that will survive and help you too do the same! You’ll sleep better if you keep a snake plant by your bed as it gives out bursts of oxygen at night, Read More

Fragrance your home with flowers

Why spend money on chemical air-fresheners when you can enjoy Nature’s best and have fragrant flowering houseplants to give your home a lift. These ‘happy’ houseplants will also help to make you breathe more easily, by pumping oxygen into the air, which will lift your spirits and no doubt calm your mood. Queen of fragrance Read More

GYO Oranges and Lemons

Dwarf oranges or calamondins make great houseplants as the leaves have a lustrous polish on their upper surfaces and given enough light, they produce tasty citrus fruit. The fruits, mostly ripens in winter, so to add that familiar fruity fragrance of Christmas to your home, you should buy plants now. Mini Calamondin trees make excellent Read More

Anyone for amaryllis?

The big, bold trumpet blooms of amaryllis (botanically known as hippeastrum) are spectacular. They are grown from giant bulbs, which are a ready-made package of blooms just waiting to grow. Bulbs which are bought at this time of year have been specially ‘prepared’ to flower during the winter months At this time of year you Read More

The hottest houseplants

Drought, low light, and low humidity are the three main reasons houseplants die. Choose any of my three favourite, easy-to-care-for varieties, which are available on-line (www.bakker.com), and they will survive these conditions and I guarantee will turn your home into a trendy, green oasis – you will also feel healthier too. Ok, even the toughest Read More

GYO air fresheners for Christmas

Paperwhites grow so fast you can almost see them sprout which makes it a particularly great project to do with kids, says Karen Gimson. If you may want to have a fragrant display of Paperwhite narcissus in time for Christmas you need to plant the bulbs 4-6 weeks in advance og the ‘Big Day’. And if Read More