Beth Chatto’s lasting legacy

If you’ve noticed there are more and more plants sulking in your garden each year due to climate change and lack of water, there was only one person to turn to for advice, the award-winning plantswoman, Beth Chatto OBE who had create the most celebrated gravel garden in the UK. Beth Chatto’s clever ideas began Read More

All about Mary – Another Great British ‘Foodie’

Mary Berry is one of UK’s best-known and respected TV cooks, most famous for her role as former judge on BBCs Great British Bake Off and a prolific cookery writer with over 75 cookery books to her name. She trained in Home Economics, followed by a Paris Cordon Bleu course and quickly established her style Read More

Cath Kidston – 25th years of retro style

In 2018, Cath Kidston celebrated the 25th anniversary since she opened her first store in 1993. It was here that Cath’s childhood fascination with plants and interior design came into its own, and she began building a name for herself as the Retro Queen for her distinctive Vintage floral prints with a modern twist. I interviewed Read More

Grow James Wong’s ‘Incredible edibles’

TV’s ethno botanist James Wong has inspired many of us through his BBC programs and books. He sees himself as being as experimental in the garden as Heston Blumenthal is in the kitchen! He is the author of  ‘Grow Your Own Drugs, and inspired the GYO brigade with his book Homegrown Revolution and in recent Read More

Sir David Attenborough interview

David Attenborough is mesmerised by meat-eating plants and got close up and personal with the pond-dwelling Bladderworts, when he saw them for the firt time in time-lapse photography, snapping shut their traps in less than a millisecond, which is something that even his keen eye can’t witness without help  (Evening Standard) Some years ago I Read More