Shine on shade

A shady garden doesn’t have to be dull, you can still create a stunning design with spectacular lawns and cosy patio with romantic lighting and as long as you match plants to the growing conditions you can have year-round colour and interest…here’s how Dry shade Gloomy gardens and parched soil beneath trees often become dead Read More

On the move…

House buyers who fall in love with the garden at their new address had better beware – chances are it could be stripped bare before they move in. And it’s not always thieves to blame but the previous occupants who feel their carefully nurtured plants are ‘part of the family’ and don’t want to leave Read More

10 steps to a better garden

Now is a good time to stop dreaming and get digging and watch young plants grow and blossom into a beautiful garden by summer. Getting your plot into good shape need not be hard work – in fact, creating and caring for your garden is a hugely enjoyable pastime and a great way to wind Read More

DIY compost – it’s as simple as ABC are working with councils across the UK to deliver great value compost bins, water butts and more to help you, so make your mantra this year “recycle and reuse”. Garantia Thermo-King compost bins are easy to fill and make speedy compost – cost for 600L size is around £65 Turning garden waste into Read More

Love your lawn this summer

The sensual experience a lawn can offer is also second to none. Simply test the theory by kicking off your shoes and running your bare toes through the velvety sward and when you next do the tiresome job of mowing, forget the pain and enjoy the delicious, intoxicating smell of the newly mown grass. Lush, Read More

Rabbit-proof your garden

You don’t have to turn violent to make your garden a rabbit-free zone. It’s possible to prevent your borders becoming their favourite dish of the day by choosing plants that they just don’t like the taste of.   There’s a long list of plants that will survive being nibbled and combined with a few tricks Read More

Let worms do the work

Recycling garden waste into a free soil conditioner that can be used to rescue or improve the soil and also used as mulch for topdressing flowerbeds, pots and borders is a first class trick performed by clever gardeners. You can make compost making all the more fun, and especially for children, by involving vegetable peelings and worms! Read More

Grow Colours for Dyeing

Growing plants for dyeing is an age-old practice but with the growth in the interest in home made and traditional arts and crafts like knitting and sewing, it’s making a comeback and so makes sense to grow your own colours. You don’t even need to have garden to get started as natural dyes can be Read More

Make your garden wheely fun!

The most practical garden design for a young family is one with an uncluttered, large expanse of grass at its hub. This will prevent toddlers getting hurt when they fall over and will provide space for energetic kids to run around, play football and enjoy the fun of wrestling without doing too much damage. Choose a Read More

Be prepared for winter

To prevent losses, have some horticultural fleece handy to protect the frost-sensitive wall shrubs such as camellias, passionflowers and solanums from Jack Frost’s icy fingers. To protect these and other vulnerable wall shrubs, simply fix a batten to the wall above the plant and suspend fleece or netting from it to hang down like a Read More