Feline-friendly, no-stain lilies

While the dark pollen on lilies can look beautiful, especially against pure white and pale coloured flowers, you want to avoid brushing against it, as it will stain. To avoid complaints from customers, florists often remove the pollen entirely, by gently pulling each pollen-loaded anther off the stamen. To remove any pollen that gets on Read More

Clogs are great for gardening

When I first started work in the greenhouses at Falinge Park, Rochdale all the older guys used to wear Lancashire clogs. They explained that the wooden soles keep your feet warm and dry and were especially comfortable when standing on the cold concrete and tiled floors of the greenhouses, which were also often wet from Read More

Be water wise

Next time you’ve got to get the watering done in a hurry why not copy this clever gardeners great idea…it just goes to show that two hands are better than one! Gardeners are often accused of using more than their fair share of this precious resource so maybe it’s time that we adjust our water Read More

How to fix tatty grass in autumn

With our milder climate it’s often necessary to keep mowing the lawn right through the winter – although much less frequently and with the blades set much higher. Make sure your mower blades are still sharp. Dull blades make jagged wounds that when exposed to frost are harder to heal. They can also serve as Read More