All about heathers

Heathers are incredible plants that offer real value for money, as they provide a splash of vibrant colour, more or less the year round and especially in autumn and winter. Currently, there are more than 500 heather varieties to choose from with light to dark green, silver, yellow, grey or purple evergreen leaves. Heathers long-lasting Read More

Gap-fillers for late borders

Now, is a precious time in the garden when you can reflect and write notes on all your trials and tribulations and enjoy remembering all of the seasonal surprises that just happened without any clever forward planning. It’s always a good idea to take photographs of your best plant associations, so that you can repeat Read More

All change!

Colour can represent different feelings and emotions and for inspiration on what and how to plant for stunning effect in late summer and early autumn, check out adventurous gardener, Graham Strong’s scrapbook for ways he has created an exciting and intense mood in his fading garden.  All images are protected by copyright and a fee Read More

Loosen up with lavender

I’m sure that when the Romans packed their favourite deodorant, sprigs of lavender, in their toilet bags before they crossed the stormy seas to invade Britain they wouldn’t have thought that almost 16 centuries later lavender be one of our favourite garden plants. Lavender’s unforgettable perfume pops up in all kinds of places from furniture Read More

Glorious summer containers

Decorate your patio with the brightest blooms to announce that summer has arrived, says adventurous gardener, Graham Strong, who likes to use contrasting colours such as crimson and gold or orange and purple, plus other bright combos that will make a bold and exciting display.  Be bold with gold Dwarf Sunflowers, Nasturtiums and Pot Marigolds Read More

Grow summer scent

Apart from showy plants, a garden needs to satisfy the strongest and most mysterious of our sensual pleasures – our sense of smell, which is linked directly by the brain to our emotions. There are plenty of seductive plants that are hard to resist and because of their timeless appeal, most are filled with a Read More

Think pink!

After the glorious yellows of early spring, Graham Strong turns to vibrant shades of pink to show off his theatrical flair for planting his containers to welcome the warmer weather and lengthening days. Ranunculus asiaticus Accolade Pink are his signature plants with large, showy buttercup blooms. You can buy them in pots already with buds Read More

Feel the heat – GYO chilli

Eating chilli peppers will help you to feel good. This is due to the body producing endorphins that deal with the sizzling pain, which often follows a meal that’s laced with these fiery capsicums! There’s more to these vegetables than just fire though, they come in a wide range of flavours to suit all tastes. Read More

Colour up with purple

As warmer weather arrives, there’s one particular colour that speaks of long days and warm nights: purple. It’s the colour of an English summer, and often the key colour theme of many Show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show in May, so it is no surprise that it was Pantone’s chosen colour for 2018. An Read More

10 of my favourite plants

When it comes to picking plants to grow, it pays to visit the garden centre regularly from Easter to autumn and check on-line, mail order suppliers for the newest and most impressive-looking plants. Garden Shows like the Chelsea Flower Show, RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and BBC Gardeners’ World Live and others (visit Read More