Diddy daffs

You don’t need much space or skill to grow diddy or mini daffs (narcissus), simply plant the bulbs in pots or borders through September and October and wait! These dainty plants, are completely winter-proof and without too much effort will poke their noses through frosted ground in early spring For a dazzling display, plant masses Read More

The greenhouse effect

A fully productive greenhouse is similar to having a family pet – it will need a bit of your attention every day! Despite the hard work, once you’ve reaped the rewards of tasting your own chili peppers, peaches or tomatoes and raised your own garden plants for a fraction of the price charged at the Read More

Garden style for 2019

Spring is an exciting time of year, when we have another chance to create, improve or repair our gardens for the coming seasons. If the hot dry weather last summer left your borders running out of steam, you’ll no doubt need to give them a boost now and put some heart back into the soil.  Read More

Be garden ready!

With April and May being the traditional months for peak home sales, homeowners that are planning to sell up and move on this year should consider visiting the garden centre to buy pots of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other spring flowers in bud that will bloom at the time you hope to have viewings. These Read More

All about heathers

Heathers are incredible plants that offer real value for money, as they provide a splash of vibrant colour, more or less the year round and especially in autumn and winter. Currently, there are more than 500 heather varieties to choose from with light to dark green, silver, yellow, grey or purple evergreen leaves. Heathers long-lasting Read More

Eat your greens!

Often referred to s rabbit food, eating greens is one of the best things we can do for our wellbeing. When you are adding fresh, raw salads to your diet, you’re boosting the enzymes your body needs. Conventional wisdom tells us you are what you eat; everything in the body is connected so if your gut Read More

create a cutting patch

Anyone can grow stylish arrangements and elaborate party flowers, all you need are the right plants that you can cut-and-come-again. Ideally create your cutting garden in a sunny spot in full view of the kitchen or sitting room window, as it will provide one of the most colourful displays in the garden for at least Read More

Think pink!

After the glorious yellows of early spring, Graham Strong turns to vibrant shades of pink to show off his theatrical flair for planting his containers to welcome the warmer weather and lengthening days. Ranunculus asiaticus Accolade Pink are his signature plants with large, showy buttercup blooms. You can buy them in pots already with buds Read More

Bye bye black birds!

Scarecrows are not just for scaring away pesky birds so that they don’t eat your vegetables or seeds that you’ve just sown. They can be dressed up in your old clothes, to give them a personality and used to brighten up any part of your garden at any time of year. Just for fun, use Read More

Jacob grows a flower garden

Jacob is already planning his summer garden and has chosen some annual plants that will grow into colourful flowerbeds in as little as 12 weeks. The seeds were cheap to buy too, costing more or less the price of a single shrub! Browsing the Kings.com seed packets Jacob found that annual flowers come in every colour Read More