Eat carrots and see better!

Carrots are not only a favourite veg, which rabbits also love, they make one of the tastiest teatime cakes. As kids we are told to eat carrots because they ‘help us see in the dark’, which is not entirely an old wives’ tale as they are packed with vitamin A that helps us see in dim Read More

Plant summer flowering bulbs

Add impact and create dazzling displays in your garden from June through to autumn with the dramatic foliage and exotic-looking flowers of summer bulbs. They don’t take up much ground space and slender plants such as lilies can be squeezed between clumps of perennials where their slim stems will add an extra storey of colour. Read More

Eat your flowerbeds!

Do your flowerbeds look good enough to eat? Well if you’ve grown the right plants they could well provide a meal or two! Many of the popular flowers we grow are edible and can be used to add colourful garnishes to summer salads and cocktails or put a bit of zing into your favourite recipes. Read More

10 steps to a better garden

Now is a good time to stop dreaming and get digging and watch young plants grow and blossom into a beautiful garden by summer. Getting your plot into good shape need not be hard work – in fact, creating and caring for your garden is a hugely enjoyable pastime and a great way to wind Read More

Bluebells – and other fairy flowers

As the days become warmer many more plants join the first footers and bluebells especially, make a photogenic carpet beneath the unfurling leaves on deciduous trees and shrubs. The vibrant blue, flowers of bluebells or Hyacinthoides non-scripta, are sure sign that spring has arrived! You will find bluebells covering woodland floors throughout the UK between Read More

magnificent magnolias

For a stunning spring garden, you must plant at least one magnolia. Appearing just before the leaves, the showy flowers, which can be fragrant depending on variety, appear alongside other garden favourites like camellias, rhodoendrons, forsythia and flowering currants. As with other great garden plants, magnolias also have a shapely habit and features such as attractive Read More

Asparagus is brain food

This super delicious spring veggie has anti-aging properties that may help our brains fight old age! Plant some now and it will take three years from planting asparagus crowns for the first crop to be ready, so put the date in your dairy! Growing this gourmet vegetable is very easy and once established will remain Read More

Flowers for Easter

Easter is both a religious and celebration that spring has arrived. The time when we are reminded that new life is all around us, from playful lambs and birds nesting and singing to trees bursting into leaf. Spring flowers are also starting to bloom, so it’s no wonder that we find ourselves in the mood Read More

Graham’s Lenten Rose challenge

Coinciding with Lent and the build up to Easter celebrations, Graham Strong and his wife Sally have been rummaging through the masses of Lenten roses that they have planted in their garden hoping to find that they have a new, highly prized hybrid that they can dig up and divide and maybe share with friends Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the day for giving thanks for all the things our mothers do for us. And what better way to say, “I love you” than with flowers. You will make Mother’s Day all the more special for her though, if you give a gift from the heart that you’ve lovingly created yourself… Fleshy, Read More