Look out “Mad March Hares” about!

Hares are not native, but were probably brought by the invading Romans, although it is possible they have been here longer. In fact, “Mad as a March hare” is an expression the British have used for hundreds of years. There are three types of hare in the UK: the brown hare, the smaller mountain hare that turns Read More

Wake up call for bees

Without our gardens, many bees would starve when they wake up early in the year, as they need a ready supply of open flowers, with easy access to pollen and nectar. First bees to appear are the large queens of the buff-tailed bumblebee, Bombus terrestris. You’ll likely come across them still looking a bit drowsy on Read More

DIY compost – it’s as simple as ABC

  getcomposting.com are working with councils across the UK to deliver great value compost bins, water butts and more to help you, so make your mantra this year “recycle and reuse”. Garantia Thermo-King compost bins are easy to fill and make speedy compost – cost for 600L size is around £65 Turning garden waste into Read More

Take a break – visit the island of flowers

If you fancy a short break or even a longer holiday in the sun then you won’t beat Tenerife. Not only is it clean and safe but also family-friendly and at just over a four-hour flight away from most parts of the UK, it’s no wonder that it is consistently one of Britain’s top winter Read More

Give birds a home!

National Nest Box Week, organized by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is usually at the beginning of February, it aims to encourage everyone to put up nest boxes in their local area in order to promote and enhance biodiversity and conservation of our breeding birds and wildlife. Designed by nature Woodpeckers for example, generally Read More

Prime time for primulas

Spring is prime time for primulas so use them in abundance to instantly bring the garden to life. Primroses especially are ideal for brightening up dead zones such as shady spots and damp patches. The wild primros, Primula vulgaris produces delicately scented, pretty pale yellow flowers with a deep yellow eye and reliably appears from January Read More

Timely jobs for the month | February

One of the highlights of winter is waking up to the garden covered with a soft layer of snow or rind of frost. The most magical effects though, are created in borders where there are the lacy remnants of seed heads, the spikes and swirls of grassy leaves and shrubs with strong architectural shapes. Even Read More

Love your lawn this summer

The sensual experience a lawn can offer is also second to none. Simply test the theory by kicking off your shoes and running your bare toes through the velvety sward and when you next do the tiresome job of mowing, forget the pain and enjoy the delicious, intoxicating smell of the newly mown grass. Lush, Read More

Grow border bouquets

Nothing brings a room to life like fresh flowers and for gardeners the ultimate pleasure is to be able to cut them from their own garden. With your own cutting patch, you can grow the flowers you love in the colours to match your home décor, and also make sure that there are always armfuls Read More

Prune for purple rain!

During May and June walls and pergolas can be seen ‘raining’ wisteria blooms. They are quite easy to grow but getting them to flower in their early years can be quite difficult as they often lose control when their roots are allowed to run free in the soil, resulting in lots of vigorous growth but Read More