Look and learn

The fallen leaves, which carpet the ground provide food and shelter for many animals. Even when a leaf has fallen, it still contains valuable food reserves which can be returned to the soil and absorbed by the roots of plants, so recycling the nourishment. Teacher Julia Fairfax suggests you get your kids off the sofa Read More

Food for free

Woodlands and hedgerows are great places to find wild food, but make sure you forage sustainably without harming woods or wildlife and also that you stay safe and within the law. For many people, collecting and eating wild plants and fungi have been part of life since childhood. For others, foraging is a more recent activity, so Read More

Nightmare weeds

Taking on a weedy plot is like going to war. You need to arm yourself with tools and maybe even have to resort to using chemicals to deal with the most aggressive plant thugs, which are lined up in this ID parade. Be aware, that if you don’t take action quickly, they will take over Read More

There’s beauty in weeds

Many plants that are classified as weeds have a bad reputation with gardeners, due to their ability to quickly take over the garden. But Angela Lopez from Belle-Toi (angelasbelletoi.com) in Bournemouth, says some of the pesky plants that grow in unkempt gardens and waste ground are in fact just as nutritious, or more so, than Read More

Bluebells – and other fairy flowers

As the days become warmer many more plants join the first footers and bluebells especially, make a photogenic carpet beneath the unfurling leaves on deciduous trees and shrubs. The vibrant blue, flowers of bluebells or Hyacinthoides non-scripta, are sure sign that spring has arrived! You will find bluebells covering woodland floors throughout the UK between Read More

Wake up call for bees

Without our gardens, many bees would starve when they wake up early in the year, as they need a ready supply of open flowers, with easy access to pollen and nectar. First bees to appear are the large queens of the buff-tailed bumblebee, Bombus terrestris. You’ll likely come across them still looking a bit drowsy on Read More

Take a break – visit the island of flowers

If you fancy a short break or even a longer holiday in the sun then you won’t beat Tenerife. Not only is it clean and safe but also family-friendly and at just over a four-hour flight away from most parts of the UK, it’s no wonder that it is consistently one of Britain’s top winter Read More

Dandelions make you beautiful!

Did you know an extremely useful medicine already grows in your garden? You probably consider dandelions to be a weed and spend countless hours each year waging war on them but beauty specialist, Angela Lopez from Angela’s Belle Toi (angelasbelletoi.com) in Bournemouth, says that with a bit of ingenuity and knowledge you could also be Read More

This thug ruins house prices

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) was first introduced into Britain in 1825 and at the time was declared to be an outstanding garden plant. Today this herbaceous perennial is better known as a thug, a resilient and pernicious weed that is virtually impossible to eradicate. Its resistance to traditional weed killers and lack of natural enemies Read More