DIY compost – it’s as simple as ABC are working with councils across the UK to deliver great value compost bins, water butts and more to help you, so make your mantra this year “recycle and reuse”.

Garantia Thermo-King compost bins are easy to fill and make speedy compost – cost for 600L size is around £65

Turning garden waste into a rich soil conditioner and mulch is as simple as ABC

A Choose a compost bin that suits your needs. Look for ones that are insulated for speedier results, which are well draining at the base and have a fitted lid. Look for types that also allow for easy access for when emptying the ready contents

B Start with a bottom layer of twiggy material to aid drainage. Mix together ‘green’ leafy material with ‘brown’ dead or twiggy material to prevent it becoming a wet, slimy and strong-smelling compost.

C Top up the bin with chopped up fresh ingredients – a mixture of leaves, grass clippings, annual weeds, fruit and vegetable scraps but not cooked food and diseased or pest infected plants and perennial weeds. Dampen dry material as you go and add a compost accelerator or nitrogen-rich fertiliser, to speed up the rotting process. You can remove the lower layers as soon as it is well rotted, crumbly and ready for use.

Blackwall bins were voted best “BUDGET BUY” in Gardeners’ World Magazine – subsidised price from Poole Council is £6.00 for 220L size and £8 for 333L size bin

The ultimate…

With a Hotbin you can make compost all year round and expect a rich compost every 90 days with no need to turn the waste, as the Hotbin maximises the perfect conditions to make hot composting easy. The Hotbin 200 Litre Compost Bin £179

How it works…Bacteria decomposing the waste generates heat within the HOTBIN, which provides effective aeration through the bottom air inlet plate and the air outlet, rotating valve. It also removes excess water through the valve as steam and allows you to control the rate of heat loss.

The HotBin can achieve hot composting between 40-60C, which means it can produce rich compost faster. As hotter temperatures can be achieved you can recycle more types of household waste including food waste and grass cuttings.

Very often when composting grass clippings you will end up with a slimy, smelly mess. With the Hotbin, it’s recommended that when you are adding grass clippings should also mix in a bulking agent such as shredded paper or cardboard to prevent the problem occurring

Zero waste

In addition to general garden waste and grass clippings, once the Hotbin has reaches 40-60C, you can also put in cooked left-over food waste, egg shells, mouldy bread, fish, meat, chicken bones as well as chicken waste, dog waste and cat litter and much more…and still have a ready-to-use compost in 90 days!


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