Everlasting love – Valentine

Grow everlasting love this Valentine by giving your loved one seeds or plants of cut and come again blooms for the garden.

Buy your loved on a new border this Valentines Day. Heart-shaped borders will be a constat reminder of your undying love. Alternatively you could share the joy of growing by giving a collection of both your favourite seeds.

Fill heart-shaped border with your favourite herbs for cooking and with scents that can be infused in water and used as refreshing spritz or ironing water to make your bed sheets smell delicious and that will make you feel more relaxed

To create a summer border filled with flowers that can be cut for the vase, aim for a mixture of summer bulbs and perennials like phlox, alchemilla, verbena, monarda and pinks. Check out what plants the florists’ are putting together in their bouquets for inspiration.

Grow your own and with clever planning, you should have enough blooms to fill your vases and give to friends every week of the year

Add plants like Giant Zinnias, which have long stalks that are ideal for arranging in tall flower vases. Always cut the stems low and check for insects hiding in the flower, on the stem and under the leaves. Bring them indoors and place in water immediately.

Old-fashioned varieties of sweet pea offer vibrant colours and intense fragrance whilst many modern cultivars are come in almost every colour except yellow.

Sweet peas have a long season of bloom and make excellent cut flowers

Bags of summer bulbs will just be as well received as any flowers seeds and especially gladioli, which produce tall spikes that make an impressive bouquet and bold statement in the vase as well as in the garden.

Gladioli take about eight to nine weeks to bloom after planting and if you plant a few each week from the end of May through to late June, you can be guaranteed cut flowers until the autumn frosts.

Dahlia tubers will without much effort will produce masses of blooms that make great cut flowers. The blooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be selected with a shape, colour and flower size to suit your individual decorating style. If you remove the some of the flower buds you will create a few single, gigantic blooms instead of armfuls.

If all this sounds like too much effort, then why not buy a plant for the garden? Roses are the obvious choice buy if you scour the garden centre sales beds you might find something with a more appropriate name.

At this time of year is perennial Bleeding Heart, Dicentra spectabilis, whose heart-shaped flowers dangle from its shade-loving stems. Pink is the Valentine choice, but white Alba is gorgeous, too

Lily of the Valley flowers are supposed to cheer the heart and will bring the return of happiness to anyone who’s relationship is on the rocks. They are easy to grow and especially if you buy bulbs ready potted and in bud now and plant them in a lightly shaded part of the garden.

In the language of flowers, lily of the valley means “You have made my life complete!”

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