Jacob’s seed surprise!

Seeds germinating is always exciting!

Marigolds usually take 5-10 days but due to cold weather, Jacob’s took a little longer! Now that the sun is shining Jacob and his mummy Jesse decided to add some instant colour by buying a few plants.

French marigolds are excellent value and the dead flowers are removed will produce more and continue right through summer until the frosts come. Watering is essential so Jacob will set up an automatic system – using a empty water bottle with the bottom cut off and put it into the soil next to the flowers so he can fill up the ‘tank’, which will gently leak water direct to the plant roots.

000ps Jacob needs a few more plants to fill his trough!

To save the day, Jacob sprinkles a few more seeds onto the bare soil 

Jacob has planted up a few more pots – the same ones he painted last summer. He know that bees like yellow so he thinks they’ll be happy to visit his garden

Jacob is also planting purple flowers, which is his mum’s favourite colour

Hooked on growing plants from seed, Jacob is sowing more sunflowers. He’s going to let the flower heads run to seed to give the birds a treat when he goes to ‘big’ school in September

Seeds need watering to help them sprout. New seedlings are very yummy, soft and squishy to slugs, so if you don’t protect them they may disappear more or less as soon as they appear

and finally…a loving word to Jet not to trample or knock over his pots!



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