Feline-friendly, no-stain lilies

While the dark pollen on lilies can look beautiful, especially against pure white and pale coloured flowers, you want to avoid brushing against it, as it will stain.

To avoid complaints from customers, florists often remove the pollen entirely, by gently pulling each pollen-loaded anther off the stamen.

To remove any pollen that gets on your skin or clothing, you need to lift it off immediately with adhesive tape. Do not touch the pollen or wipe it with a cloth, as this will set the stain. If this happens, the expert advice is to simply lay the garment, out in full sun, and the stain will fade to nothing.

Protect your kitty…and your soft furnishings

Pollen is harmful to cats, so always plant pollen-free varieties. These are available from the Lily bulb specialist hartsnurery.co.uk. Note that all Oriental Lilies and Roselilies require acid soil

Broken Heart is a highly and sweetly scented, pollen-free Double Oriental Lily

Elodie stunningly attractive pale pink double Asiatic Lily with few black speckles.

Exotic Sun is a double Oriental lily is a shorter variety at just 75cm tall, which produces plenty of blooms in a tropical yellow colour

My Wedding is a beautifully scented Oriental Lily with crisp white blooms with a hint of pink around the edges.

Orange Marmalade is a Turk’s Cap (martagon) Lily with flower heads that are only 4cm in diameter that can multiply to 30 or more flowers per stem. Each stem can reach up 160cm tall

Polar Star Is an Oriental Lily that produces sweetly scented, white double bloomsthat are up to 15cm in diameter.

Polka Dot is an unusually speckled double Oriental Lily with superb white blooms that have a lemon-coloured stripe through the centre of each petal decorated with deep red dots.

Annika is a subtle pale green and white-edged, double Oriental Roselily that will grow to 80-100cm tall.

Belonica is a beautifully scented sugar pink Roselily with long-lasting blooms that appear towards the end of July.

Carolina, which is white with a hint of pale pink, is from the Roselily series, which are a new line of pollen-free double flowering Oriental Lilies that were developed by  ‘De Looff’ Lily Breeding & Innovation Company started in 1993

Chelsea is an Oriental pink Roselily with petal-packed double blooms.

Ciara is another Roselily and produces magnificent dark pink flowers with red/pink centres and speckles on each petal. The tip of each petal fades to a lighter pink, whitish colour, which adds to its appeal.

Donna is a pink Roselily with a deeper pink centre and white lined edge. A lovely fragranced lily that will reach up to 1m in height with strong stems.

Editha is a candy pink Roselily that will grow to 70-80cm in its first year and taller there after 

Elena is a sugar pink, double oriental Roselily that will grow to 80-100cm tall.

Fabiola is a pink and white-edged, double Oriental Roselily that will grow to 80-100cm tall.

Isabella is an extremely popular variety within the Roselily Series. It’s a pale pink, double Oriental Lily that will grow to 80-100cm tall.

Jisca is a beauty with brilliant white petals decorated with a yellow star-shaped centre.

Juanita is a glorious pink Roselily that has a mixed array of colours and patterns at the heart of the flower.

Julia is a pink Roselily with speckles and burst of yellow-green on each petal

Kathinka is a pure white double Roselily that open to show a hint of green in the centre.

Kendra is a subtle yet beautiful double Oriental Lily with fragrant, pale pink blooms that have no pollen.

Leona is a double white Roselily that will grow in full sun as well as partial shade.

Lorena is a raspberry pink Roselily with double blooms flowering late July onwards

Natalia is a pale pink, double Oriental Roselily that will grow to 80-100cm tall.

Pamela is a double white Roselily that will grow to 70cm tall in the first year.

Roberta is a beautiful Roselily, which has a hint of pale pink and lemon down the centre of the delicately fragrant blooms.

Samantha is a Roselily with petal-packed pnd white blooms that have a hint of pale pink and lemon down the centre.

Thalita is a pink double Oriental Roselily that grows to 100cm tall.

Vanessa is a Roselily with vibrant sugar pink blooms that are centred with a deep pink stripe and speckled all over with a splash of yellow at the centre of each petal

Soubidou is a double Asiatic lily with multiple up-ward facing flowers, which have deep pumpkin orange petals that turn a lighter golden orange towards the center.

Snowboard is a double Oriental Lily with beautiful white blooms, up to 15cm across, which have a pale pink tip. It’s an ideal for cut flower for weddings.

Sweet Rosy is an intensely fragrant double Oriental Lily with light to dark pink flowers that have a white centre. The blooms are up to 15cm in diameter and it can produce 3 to 5 blooms per stem.

Tosca is a super petal-packed Oriental white lily with a gorgeous scent.
Yellow Bellies is a double, bright yellow asiatic lily with silk-like petals



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