Reignite the romance

If your relationship has taken a bit of battering in recent years then I suggest that you turn to your garden, as it will help heal the rifts and especially if you design and plant it together. Gardening will also give your serotonin or happy hormone levels a boost making you both emotionally stronger and happier. The ultimate goal is to create a garden that will become your place to relax and where you can enjoy rekindling your love for each other!

These days many people are looking East to the Orient for advice and especially to Feng Shui. This ancient art recommends that you plant red, pink and white flowers and hang some wind chimes in the far right hand corner of your garden to strengthen your relationship!

Aim to make a romantic area in the garden, to appeal to your spirit and improve your happiness and well-being

An area for romance should feel like it’s set apart from the world, so aim to make it secluded with a well-placed seat that is surrounded by luxuriant curtains of wisteria, clematis and swags of roses plus a soft floor of ground-hugging plants that are allowed to rampage and flower without constriction.

Keep the entrance path to this quiet corner squeezed between high hedges and shrubberies filled with fragrant blooms like lilac and give it a narrow entrance to enhance its secret romantic quality. If you’ve only got shady parts of the garden to makeover use white flowers and illuminate it by shafts of dappled light.

Pay attention to the plant detail too. There some ivies such as the sweetheart ivy, Hedera helix deltoidea with heart shape foliage which can be used for clothing bare walls plus a climbing hydrangea (H. petiolaris) that blooms for about two weeks in early summer producing white flower clusters, which emit a sweet fragrance atop shiny, green heart-shaped foliage.

The beautiful flower of Forget-me-not, is associated in the language of flowers with true love – the love that never dies

Then there are hostas with heart-shaped leaves and some with love-theme names like ‘Everlasting Love’. Plus ground-hugging perennials like epimedium, which have the heart-shaped leaves that emerge red or bronze in spring, turn green throughout the summer then give another colour show in autumn. Brunnera macrophylla, which produces tiny sky-blue flowers in spring that resemble forget-me-nots is one of my must-have plants as are Heartsease pansies, which were used as a love potion in Shakespeare’s play Midsummer Night’s Dream – do your research and pop along to you local garden centre and you’ll find there are many more plants that will fit the bill.

The romantic flower, Dicentra spectabilis has flowers that resemble bleeding hearts, dangling from its shade-loving stems 

Romance and rose gardens go hand in hand!

Since ancient times, the rose has been a symbol of love, passion, and perfection

Show your love and sensitivity by choosing a rose by its name and not just by its colour or fragrance. There are plenty to choose from starting with ‘First Kiss’ – a light pink floribunda and ‘Crazy for You’ – a multi-coloured scarlet red, cream, pink and yellow blotched and striped fragrant floribunda to ‘Hot Romance’ – an orange hybrid tea and ‘Eternally Yours’ – a fragrant hybrid tea with red blooms with white edge and silver on reverse.

Accessorise with a cherub peeking from between lush green plants in antique urns and planters

Also add finishing touches like a charming birdhouse or birdbath, wrought iron tables and chairs accented with fluffy pillows for softness and comfort. For romantic lighting, line your paths and sitting areas with candles and on a table fill a shallow bowl with water and add floating candles and rose petals picked directly from your garden.

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